BRIAN JOHNSON Is Reportedly Not In Condition To Tour With AC/DC

Brian Johnson

During his recent appearance on a recent edition of the podcast, Appetite For Distortion, former GUNS N’ ROSES manager Alan Niven spoke about ongoing stories that Brian Johnson is back in AC/DC, Alternative Nation reports.

Niven said that based on his sources, Brian is not in condition for a full-on reunion that would involve live tours.

He said: “I’m not sure that Brian, that his condition is going to let him tour. That is the rumor I’ve heard… They can record together, but he may not tour with them. So Axl/DC may well be an entity into next year, who knows?”

Eddie Trunk recently talked about the possibility of AC/DC touring with Brian Johnson and releasing a new studio album.

Trunk said: “So I have a source that will remain nameless but a very, very, well-placed, reliable source regarding AC/DC, who I did run into and ask about AC/DC – this source told me to his knowledge that the album is done, that they went to that studio in Canada, made this record and what people speculated on, meaning these were riffs, ideas and more of a tribute to Malcolm Young is true.

“Meaning that Malcolm had a bunch of stuff recorded that they worked off of and they sort of incorporated the record. So, this is sort of a unity thing to come together, put out some of Malcolm‘s music and celebrate AC/DC.

“This source also told me that they don’t know what they are going to do with this record, when and how it’s going to come out and adds that as far as he was aware and he would know, there are no plans for live shows. Now that could change but there are no plans at this moment to play.

“However, there was a recording done and they are going to figure out what they are doing with that. So that’s all he told me. He didn’t tell me about Axl or who is on it, he just basically said: ‘The guys went in, they went in off of some stuff that Malcolm had, it’s a celebration of Malcolm, there is a record done, whether and how that comes out they’re not sure and whether they play or not it’s not sure.'”