New Zealand’s BRIDGE BURNER Announce ‘Disempath’ Full-length

Bridge Burner
Photo credit: Jolene Weenink

New Zealand-based BRIDGE BURNER make their Hibernation Release debut with their incomparable sophomore full-length Disempath. 28 minutes across 9 tracks expelling equal parts self-loathing and outward disgust, focused through a maelstrom of angular hardcore, grinding d-beat and Death Metal dirge creating a unique and pummeling sonic experience. With DisempathBRIDGE BURNER have unleashed their finest material to date – bursting with profound precision, tangible ferocity and awe-inspiring intensity — it’s not to be missed!

Disempath is set to release on April 2, 2021 via Hibernation Release. Two vinyl variants are available for pre-order now here. Album artwork, track listing and album details can be found below.
Bridge Burned Disempath
Cover art by Mark Tumaru

Disempath track listing:

1. Separating Hand From Wrist
2. Disempath
3. Flaying God’s Children
4. Chlorine Eyes
5. Bodies as Graveyards
6. Nausea, And the End of Everything
7. Anodyne Existence
8. Dull Knives to Deaf Ears
9. Abyssal

Tracked and Mixed by Cam Sinclair and Raj Singarajah at Dynamic Rage, Aotearoa. Guitars and Bass tracked by Josh Hughes. Vocals tracked by Ben C. Read.

Mastered by Luke Finlay at Primal Mastering, Aotearoa.

Guest vocals on “Chlorine Eyes” by Callum Gay of SPOOK THE HORSES/STRESS.

Guest vocals on “Nausea,” and the “End of Everything” by Brendon Sloan of COLVUSING.