BRIDGES ABLAZE Releases ‘Forever Fallen’ Music Video

Bridges Ablaze

BRIDGES ABLAZE, the rising force in the metal music scene, has quickly emerged as the most talked-about band in Austin. With their last three singles amassing an impressive 1 million views and streams across various social media platforms, the band is hailed as one of the “Ones to watch” in 2024. Their debut single, “Hellbent,” even earned a spot on VEVO’s top new metal songs and featured on popular Spotify editorial playlists.

Continuing their meteoric rise, BRIDGES ABLAZE released their highly anticipated track, “Forever Fallen,” on July 21st. Serving as an anthem exploring themes of despair, darkness, death, isolation, and hopelessness, the song delves into the human struggle against formidable inner demons that inevitably arise in life. With a deeply personal touch, the band infuses their own painful life experiences into the song’s musical atmosphere and profound lyrics.

Characterized by its haunting melodies and introspective lyrics, “Forever Fallen” invites listeners to find solace and connection by reflecting on their own personal journeys. BRIDGES ABLAZE aims to create a profound resonance between artist and audience, offering an opportunity for catharsis and a shared emotional experience.

Furthermore, the song serves as a powerful reminder that pain can be transformative. It underscores the notion that by channeling our suffering into acts of creativity and self-expression, our scars can evolve into symbols of beauty and resilience. Through this transformative process, the band encourages listeners to explore the realms of healing, connection, and divinity that lie beyond the veil of anguish.