Bring Me The Horizon

In a recent interview with Total Guitar, BRING ME THE HORIZON guitarist Lee Malia discussed their development process as a metal band.

He said: “I suppose we never got trapped in a scene. If we had been a legit metal band we still would be like an extreme metal band – but we never really were.

We were just young kids who liked heavy stuff and all these extreme metal bands; we tried to recreate it in our own way. But we were only 17, so we weren’t as up on it as we could have been.”

We have never been too attached to the scene that we are in. As we got older, we realized that songs don’t have to have 100 parts, with every single sound you could make. You learn more. It’s aging. We grew up, but we were doing it through albums.”

He continued: “I think we’ve been ahead of some of the other bands. To Oli’s [Sykes, vocals] credit, he’s quite good at that.

He has ideas before anyone else; he’ll come up with something and you’ll think that sounds like it’s just going to be mental, like having a choir all chopped up on a CD, but then we did that and then everyone started having choirs on their CDs, the whole metalcore scene – but a year later than us.

Do you know what I mean? Or having strings. Even though, of course, METALLICA did it years before, we modernized it.

I always think we have been a year ahead of bands who are kind of just seeing what’s cool and then copying it. I think we always thought ahead, and thought about what we were doing, rather than just doing the same thing again. We’ve always thought what we could do next to make it better.”