Brothers of Metal – Emblas Saga

Every epic album starts with an epic speech. It is an unwritten rule of Metal. Brothers of Metal’s “Emblas Saga” follows this one and many more. Many will say that Brothers of Metal are a band that plays more of the same or they are nostalgic of the good old times or of a past that has gone. Well, first, there is no problem in using clichés – let’s use this word -, the matter is how a band uses them, and Brothers of Metal’s use them in order to make their own personal music. That’s the valid point. Brothers of Metal’s music is pretty much personal. It’s the kind of band that when the fan listens to a song immediately recognizes the band. Very few bands can be proud of that prowess. Second, to call them nostalgic is also a blatant mistake because it is impossible to be nostalgic of something that never ceased to exist. Brothers of Metal’s music, the kind of Power Metal they do is been around for about thirty years or so. It just changed a little. No more, no less.

From where I’m standing the secret is the mix between the vocal trio, the Valkyrie Ylva Eriksson and the Warriors and Battle Cry chanters Joakim Lindbäck Eriksson and Mats Nilsson, and the epic and competent instrumental. They are the features that highlight Brothers of Metal as a band. The vocal duet does everything possible and in their hands to give all the emotion they can in each song as in “One” which sounds simply irresistible. Of course, the band plays loud and proud too as in “Ride of the Valkyries” with its standard Power Metal grip. Another rare quality of “Emblas Saga” as an album is that it takes the fan by the first track “Brood of the Trickster” with speed tempo and epic cadence.

I confess that by the first contact I had with Brothers of Metal – see our review of “Prophecy of Ragnarök” – I though they were some kind of prank band. That kind that loves to make pranks with the music and the image. But I was flat wrong! Flat wrong! The band is great. Shame on me. Brothers of Metal are a very professional and seriously committed band though at first looks otherwise. I have no doubt that Ylva Eriksson does sing as Valkyrie. Last track “To the Skies and Beyond” don’t let me lie alone. “Emblas Saga” is worth every penny.

Brothers of Metal “Emblas Saga” will be released on January 10th via AFM Records.

Track Listing:

  1. Brood Of The Trickster
  2. Powersnake
  3. Hel
  4. Chain Breaker
  5. Kaunaz Dagaz (Dawn Of Fire)
  6. Theft of the Hammer
  7. Weaver of Fate
  8. Njord
  9. Emblas Saga
  10. Brothers Unite
  11. One
  12. Ride of the Valkyries
  13. To the Skies and Beyond

Watch “Njord” official video here: