Brown Acid The Thirteen Trip Review

It’s no secret that I do like Heavy Rock. It’s also no secret that we’ve been trying to follow this series “Brown Acid” and some time ago we’ve reviewed “The Sixteenth Trip.” Well, as my dear fan can notice I’ve been unable to follow the releases since 2018. They got too fast for me to follow.

This “Thirteen Trip” shows not too many changes in the mood felt few years ago. It’s also the same real deal intent of showing obscure bands from late 1960s and maybe early 1970s the period of time Heavy Rock ruled. As this is a an album of various artists as the tittle says the mood of the bands changes. But I guess it doesn’t change that much as some bands have the same mooding. That makes “Thirteen Trip” a kind of homogeneous album as my dear fan will notice while listening to it. What changes a lot is the prowess. Some bands are musically more talented than the others. Take, for instance, Gary Del Vecchio’s “Buzzin'” which has the same guitar ingeniuos of Ten Years After’s Alvin Lee which, by the way, is a great honor. In contrast, John Kitko’s “Indecision” is instrumentally nieve. The contrast of both tracks brings the special taste of the album. Hardly ever it’s possible to listen to so nieve guitar solos. Regarding to the recording production there is also a huge abyss among the bands. Some of the tracks are pretty well-produced, others are poorly. Take, for instance, the bluesy The Doors inspired Bacchus with “Hope” whose recording and production is pristine. On the other hand, Dry Ice with “Don’t Munkey” whose guitars sound a little opaque and the drums overwhelms them except during the solo. Truth be told the song is pretty damn good and the drumming is really good and exciting. The song has some kind of 1950’s feeling in it.

“Brown Acid – Thirteen Trip” is the kind of album to my dear vary who wants to vary and feel how was music before Metal was the king and, of course, to get to know where Metal come from. I really don’t how many more there will be but so far, so good.

“Brown Acid – Thirteen Trip” will be released on October 31st via Riding Easy Records.

Track Listing:

  1. Max – Run, Run
  2. Ralph Williams – Dark Street
  3. Geyda – Third Side
  4. Gary Del Vecchio – Buzzin’
  5. John Kitko Indecision
  6. Bacchus Hope
  7. Master Danse – Feelin’ Dead
  8. Orchid – Go Big Red
  9. Dry Ice – Don’t Munkey
  10. Good Humore – Detroit

Watch “Geyda – Third Side” official video here: