Bullet – Dust to Gold

I met Bullet a few years ago, and they impressed me not because of the unusual mix between Accept’s vocal range with AC/DC powerhouse. Bullet are a band with a unique personality, and it means a strong one. As a matter of fact, Hell Hofer’s vocals are sometimes more alike Nazareth’s ‎Dan McCafferty as in “Highway Love.” That is why Bullet is so unique.

Sometimes fast as bullet as in the first track “Speed and Attack,” which reminds the good old years of speed metal hell to the full of swing as “Wildfire,” Bullet are a great adventure to the world of music. Metal world is in the need of the joy of Bullet, no doubt about it. The fun fact is what Bullet do is very predictable. There is no wonder in their music, but, my man, it pleases a lot. Bullet is a full hearted band. Their songwriting begins with emotion, and then goes the rest. Pay attention to “Forever Rise” and feel the heat. Predictable one must say, but very effective. Lovely guitar duet in the end.

The thing is, Bullet really do not care if one says: “Duh, I’ve heard that before!” They are what they are and blow up the rest. In terms of music, of course. Bullet’s response comes with songs like “Hollow Grounds” to make you bang your head hard. The rest of the world just does not matter. Metal on, guys! Fast, furious, angry. The spirit of Metal. Does anyone need anything else from a Metal band? Oh yeah, a song with some more pulse swing as in the title track, a strong catchy chorus, and a beautiful guitar phrasing. Is it the song Accept would love to have written? Who cares? I do not.

Bullet “Dust to Gold” will strike the shelves on April 20th via SPV / Steamhammer. Beware! The Bullet is gonna catch ya!

Track Listing:

  1. Speed And Attack
  2. Ain’t Enough
  3. Rogue Soldier
  4. Fuel the Fire
  5. One More Round
  6. Highway Love
  7. Wildfire
  8. Screams in the Night
  9. Forever Rise
  10. The Prophecy
  11. Hollow Grounds
  12. Dust To Gold

Watch “Ain’t Enough” official video here:

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