BULLET FOR MY VALENTINE Release ‘Waking The Demon’ Honey Mead

Bullet For My Valentine Honey Mead

BULLET FOR MY VALENTINE have collaborated with Lyme Bay Winery on their own honey mead.

“Waking The Demon” is described as having “a rich honey flavor with balanced acidity, honeyed notes and a backing of gentle spice.”

Mead is the oldest recorded alcoholic drink and is surrounded by myth and legend, a drink of warriors and poets with claimed mystical properties.

BULLET FOR MY VALENTINE has commissioned a mead as a drink they love and feel their fans will love too,” says on “Waking The Demon” web site.

Waking The Demon Honey Mead is a ferment of honey, water and spices to create a smooth, rich drink which can be enjoyed on its own or mixed as a base for cocktails.

“Like the Demon, there is hidden strength here (14.5% ABV) and not to be toyed with!”