Bullet – Bullet Live

What a simple, but yet so meaningful album title. I confess I was in the need of an alive album from one of the best and exciting bands in today’s Metal scene; Bullet. Bullet are a band that are really worth the name they chose. Bullet are fast, furious, ferocius, and lethal. Some might say the title is poor; some might say Bullet are a copycat of Accept; some might say that whoever think this way sucks!

Well, first of all, of course I admit Bullet have a lot of Accept, I mean really a lot. However, in a weird way, the band has managed to find themselves an identity exploring everything Accept ceased to be, or else, everything great Accept offered the world of Metal music. A band like Accept deserves all the honor it is possible to offer them. Accept’s gift to the world of Metal music is remarkable, so no wonder there would appear bands to honor their legacy. But let’s forget all the Accept thing and purely analyse “Bullet Live,” shall we?

Being completely honest, “Bullet Live” is a very hard album to badmouth due to its reunion of all the characteristics and musical features of 1980’s Heavy Metal. Bullet parade restlessness eighteen tracks of the purest hard and heavy music that was ever produced by humankind. No concessions, no moods, no keyboarding, only furious guitars, fast drumming, thundering bass and harsh vocals. Does anyone need anything else? I guess not. The most loyal and hardcore Heavy Metal fan can’t disagree. “Bullet Live” reunites the best Bullet have produced throughout their career. It’s an album to be really proud of. I have no doubt about that, and I say it not only because I’m a fan, I say because Bullet deserve it in this world of lots of technological and social and economic changes they stay loyal to their Metal faith. That’s a lot these days. Pieces like “The Rebels Return” and its anthemic chorus; “Dusk Til Dawn” and its emotional, though hard cadence; and the meaningful “Bang Your Head” only to name a few of them, are pièces de résistances of a band hardcore to their beliefs.

This was one of the easiest reviews I’ve written here. Thanks to Bullet and to “Bullet Live” and to you my child of the night who still keeps the Metal faith!

Bullet “Bullet Live” was released on July 05th via Steamhammer / SPV.

Track Listing:

01. Uprising
02. Storm of Blades
03. Riding High
04. Turn It up Loud
05. Dusk Til Dawn
06. Dust To Gold
07. Rambling Man
08. Bang Your Head
09. Hammer Down

01. Speed and Attack
02. Ain’t Enough
03. Rolling Home
04. Heading for the Top
05. Stay Wild
06. Fuel The Fire
07. Highway Love
08. The Rebels Return
09. Bite The Bullet

Watch “Speed and Attack” live video – because it’s cool – here: