BUNKER 66 The Good Old School Black Metallers Are Releasing ‘Chained Down In Dirt’

High Roller Records proudly presents the new and third full-length of BUNKER 66!
Formed in 2007 and hailing from Messina, Sicily, BUNKER 66 keep the flame alive that was kindled by fellow countrymen like Bulldözer, Schizo and Necrodeath, but they also have a very own take on things. “Black Speed Metal” sounds good? “Sleazy Blackened Thrash” sounds even better?
BUNKER 66 give you just that and continue to elaborate their very special blend. It’s all about
combining the menacing force of early black metal with the speed and aggression of D-beat
punk. For fans of Venom, Hellhammer/Celtic Frost, Discharge, Carnivore or Sodom!

Bunker 66 “Chained Down In Dirt” will be released on October 27th via High Roller Records.

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