BURIED AND GONE Releases Single From Their Upcoming Debut Album

“The Final Hour” is the debut album of BURIED AND GONE which hails from Kuopio/Oulu, Finland. On the album you can hear various influences of different styles in metal music. Melodies and riffs guarantee a listening trip from “inexperienced” to “experienced” listeners.

The album features ten tracks which have no bigger background story, but every track is their own story. The lyrics are infused with death, love and cynicism.

“The Final Hour” was recorded in winter 2016-2017 in Niklas‘ home studio in Kuopio and Markus’ vocals was recorded in BRR-musiikki, Raahe. Mixing and mastering are done by Joni Tanskala and cover arts made by Aki Pistemaa. The album will be released digitally in August 27th by Inverse Records.

A single “A Frozen Heart” was released yesterday and can be heard below.

“The Final Hour” track listing:

1. Buried Within Me…
2. A Frozen Heart
3. Murder
4. Starting Over
5. You´re No God
6. Seek To Find
7. End Of The World
8. Not Another Word
9. The Final Hour
10. Lay With Me