Burn Down Hollywood – Burn Down Hollywood

Okay, my child of the night. This time the name is repeated because of the message. I’m a pacifist, but the idea is not so bad at all. Metaphorically speaking, of course. Please, don’t go burning anything.

Here we have another band labeled as Hard Rock. I chose it on purpose just to show the difference that bands labeled the same can have. As you remember, my last review was on a Hard Rock band. So, to you, my child of the night Burn Down Hollywood with “Burn Down Hollywood.”

“Burn Down Hollywood” kicks off with “Welcome To Hollyweird” which at first seems to be a regular Hard Rock track full of energy, but slowly it goes showing its 1960s influences spices by an acid lyricism which in short conclaims to burn down Hollywood as the tittle says. Second and self-titled track “Burn Down Hollywood” – ha, another band that keeps the tradition band, album, track name – goes deep into the 1960s influences with vocals full of vibratos and a keyboard with that Deep Purple tone – just to the fan get the idea. The contrast between the sweet keyboarding and the acid idea of the track atracts the fan. For the record, this is the drive of the album; a sweet and full of subtlety, but pungent sonority. I guess third track “Pirate Brother” shows this very well with a full of overdrive guitar embellished for a clean guitar in the background and a bass saying a lot. The vocal brings the fan to tear due to the emotion it passes. By the way, once again I have to give my regards to the instrumentals of a band. The guys here are teaching a lesson of how to mix emotion and technical competence. Check “Fairfax Groove” out to know what I’m talking about. “Taste The Riches” has also an instrumental finesse and delicacy that makes everyone proud. A track to, again, bring the fan, to tears. That’s the thing that kids today have to learn; how to bring some finesse into their music. It’s not to water and pour sugar on them, but to add some more taste.

This album is very short. I say that because the fan gets waiting for more. The union of acid lyrics with the sweet and full of finesse sonance is the pinnacle of Burn Down Hollywood. My congrats to the band.

Burn Down Hollywood “Burn Down Hollywood” was released on February 27th via Andreas Amnell Music.

Track Listing:

  1. Welcome To Hollyweird
  2. Burn Down Hollywood
  3. Pirate Brother
  4. The Sun And Moon (Skyler’s Song)
  5. Fairfax Groove
  6. Taste The Riches
  7. Shy Away

Watch official video here: