BURNING DARKNESS Launch New Single ‘Chiropteran Demon’

Swedish black metal five-piece BURNING DARKNESS will release their sophomore full-length album, Dödens Makt, on July 2, 2021 via Non Serviam Records. You can give a new single a listen below.

Now, the band has released the first single “Chiropteran Demon”. Its primitive intro evolves into a progressive verse that mutates into an aggressive chorus making it a fair representation of the new album.

The band comments: “Chiropteran Demon’ was chosen as first single because of the raw old-school energy mixed with some more modern heaviness. We felt the somewhat unorthodox mix worked really well. There are also some horror elements to the music which goes together well with the titular demon the lyrics talks about“.

Dödens Makt (The Power of Death) is a more varied and atmospheric recording than the raw and intense debut. The band mixes both fast tempos and very heavy parts along with classic melodic tremolos and progressive elements. The lyrical themes of death and anti-Christianity are kept from the previous album, but new ones such as horror and Norse folklore are now present as well. The cover artwork depicting a demonic bat-like gargoyle was created by Łukasz Jaszak.

Frontman Per Kolderup Finstad explains: “Fans of 90’s black metal will love it. We at Burning Darkness don’t concern ourselves with current trends. We play the type of music we love. Still not rigidly stuck in one spot, we musically take inspiration from other genres of metal and beyond. The new album has more variation than our debut. While it goes mostly quite fast, we’ve added slower and heavy as led parts as well. Rawness is balanced with atmosphere”.

Dödens Makt Tracklisting:
1. Muspelhems Vrede
2. Sulphurous Wrath
3. Chiropteran Demon
4. She Who Dwells Beyond The Branches
5. Neonaticide
6. Draugr
7. In The Shadow Of Webbed Wings
8. Dödens Makt Är Stor

Burning Darkness Artwork