BURNING POINT of the ‘Arsonist of the Soul’

The Finnish power metal band BURNING POINT had its share of line-up changes throughout their more than two decades of existence. The main constant though, mastermind/guitarist/songwriter Pete Ahonen, always kept the ship on route and his clear vision and artistic integrity made BURNING POINT one of the most reliable purveyors of excellent classic (European) power metal.
After handling the vocals on his own from the band’s foundation up until the arrival of Nitte Valo (ex-Battle Beast) in 2015, Ahonen and BURNING POINT return with new voice on the band’s new album “Arsonist of the Soul”: Luca Sturniolo. Replacing Valo now, Sturniolo turns out to be quite a discovery. He was born in Italy but lives in Finland since many years.
His powerful, varied voice is a perfect match for Ahonen’s fiery fretwork and strong, experienced songwriting. Besides Ahonen, Sturniolo and Pekka Kolivuori, now Jarkko Poussu (bass, ex-member of Finnish thrash pioneers A.R.G.), Tuomas Jaatinen (drums) and Matti Halonen (Keyboards) have joined the band’s line-up. “I am extremely happy about the new line-up and the new record. All the guys are very, very talented and excited!,” Ahonen comments.
A little heavier than on their latest album, 2016’s “The Blaze,” BURNING POINT’s characteristic melodies and sounds are again present all over on this new release. Songs such as the great title track, the first single “Blast in the Past” and numerous others quickly prove to be among the best compositions ever penned by Ahonen. Mastering was handled by Juanne Huotari and the cover artwork was created by Mario Strlek.
“Arsonist of the Soul” is another pleasant throwback to early 2000’s power metal sound, but with up-to-date production – something that BURNING POINT are known for. With this new piece of work they definitely raise the bar once more.

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