BUSHIDO CODE Are ‘The Ronin’

Sometimes you just need to get back to your roots.  No one knows this better than the Pennsylvania thrash metal squadron BUSHIDO CODE. This band of scene veterans are excited to return to their musical foundations with their upcoming full-length release, “The Ronin,” and melt the faces off metalheads and hardcore kids all across the world.  Their sound seamlessly blends the death metal influences of Death and Obituary with thrashers like Testament and Metallica with a healthy dose of hardcore influences from All Out War, Agnostic Front and Buried Alive. All of this culminates into a high-powered arsenal of gritty vocals, crunchy riffs and a thunderous bottom end.

With roots that go deep into the Pennsylvannia hardcore scene, this quintet, formed in 2017, and as so many great bands are, were born out of the primordial ooze of their local scene. They quickly rose within the community, becoming well respected throughout the worldwide heavy music underground scene. BUSHIDO CODE members have a strong brotherhood bond and commitment to their craft, making this collaboration feel very natural, authentic and precise.

BUSHIDO CODE chose a samurai inspired moniker to reflect their own personal values of being fearless and driven by their goals to achieve the highest degrees of sacrifice for what they believe in and are dedicated to. With their first two releases, The Dying Virtues: Volume 1+2 the band was able to lay out their vision of a crossover thrash sound that unapologetically goes for the throat. Having gained international recognition in Europe, Japan and Australia, BUSHIDO CODE look forward to reaching their fanbase with their follow-up release that is sure to escalate their presence as a premiere entity in the metal/thrash/hardcore crossover scene.

BUSHIDO CODE are gearing up to release a brand new album, “The Ronin,” through Upstate Records and Blood Blast Distribution on April 16th. “The Ronin” uses skull cracking thrash metal to tell the story of Da Shi, a Ronin Samurai who has traveled through time, looking for a warrior worthy enough to help him achieve the most honorable sacrifice, death. However, no demon or saint has been worthy enough yet. It’s an epic story, but a natural choice for a band who seek to take on the world at large. Follow the journey and experience their crossover thrash sonic triumph now!

Bushido Code is:
Kyle Bull -Guitar,
Rocco Legato-Drums
Mike Ledet-Vocals
Derrick Voricci-Guitars
Shaun Barr-Bass

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