Bushido Code – The Ronin Review

I gotta tell you all, my children of the night and fans I have mixed feelings about Thrash Metal  and that’s why I procratinate or even avoid some albums. It’s stronger than me I confess but I have almost the same opinion of Thrash Metal as I have of Power Metal, they are predictable. The funny thing is that actually Thrash Metal is much more diverse than Power Metal. But, today it seems that bands are looking only for one kind of sonancy. The standard Thrash as I call it. So much for the Thrash Metal bands. Actually, the proportion of Power Metal bands in relation to Thrash Metal bands we receive here is about five to one. So, we have much more Power Metal bands than their Thrash Metal peers to review. Mixed feelings because I used to love the classic Thrash Metal bands – I still do. God, I just loved Metallica, Nuclear Assault, Slayer, and Testament. I wasn’t so much for the Teotonic Thrash invasion. I started to like them afterwards. But then Metallica changed… And with them Thrash for me.

When I received this Bushido Code with “The Ronin” two things immediately came to my mind. They rang a bell as they were kind of familiar. Apparently, I’ve already heard of those names. So, I went to the know-it-all Google and checked. Bushido Code means “the way of the warrior” and is a moral code concerning samurai attitudes, behavior and lifestyle. It is loosely analogous to the European concept of chivalry. There are multiple Bushido types which evolved significantly through history. Contemporary forms of bushido are still used in the social and economic organization of Japan. Bushido is best used as an overarching term for all the codes, practices, philosophies and principles of samurai culture. “The Ronin” immediatly reminded me of “47 Ronins,” the movie starred by Keanu Reeves in a story that mixed fantasy with historical events – I suggest my fan to take a look at the movie. You may like it.

Though “The Ronin” has nine tracks, it is short in playing time. It’s around thirty minutes. As usual, and that’s a go, Bushido Code go straight ahead and the songs don’t waste the band’s time in many instrumental passages, though some would be great, but that’s a sign of  personality. The songs are vicious and insane. The speed in it is not ultra, but it amazes and give the thrills. Though I said there aren’t many instrumental passages, the instrumental performance in the album is neat. A highlight to the drumming and to the bass. They really make it shine. In fact, “The Ronin” is a kind of homage to the story of the movie as I could tell. All tracks are inspired by it in some sort.

I have to say that Bushido Code with “The Ronin” made me remind the good old times when Thrash Metal was really important to me. That’s big, guys.

By the way, cool art, huh?

Bushido Code “The Ronin” was released on April 16th via Upstate Records.

Track Listing:

  1. The Ronin
  2. Aftermath
  3. Stench of Cowards Rot
  4. Relic of War
  5. Prelude to Battle
  6. 1600
  7. Harvest
  8. Loyalty
  9. Benevolence

Watch “Aftermatch” official video here: