BUTCHER BABIES’ CARLA HARVEY: ‘It’s A Really Cool Time To Be A Fan’


Kristyn Clarke of PopCultureMadness.com conducted an interview with BUTCHER BABIES singer Carla Harvey at the inaugural installment of the Louder Than Life festival, which was held on Saturday, October 4 and Sunday, October 5 at Louisville Champions Park in Louisville, Kentucky. You can now watch the chat below.

Asked about the BUTCHER BABIES‘ personal interaction with the fans, Carla said: “One thing we like to do at festivals is go to the side of the stage, so they can all give us ‘high fives’ or pump fists, or whatever you wanna call it, when they crowdsurf to us. And it’s so much fun.

“We love festivals, because everybody comes ready to party, ready to hang out, ready to have fun.”

She added: “The music industry has changed so much over the years, and nowadays you have to do that. Back in the ’80 and ’90s and before, you didn’t have that personal contact — it was unheard of to be able to go onto social media — or you had to wait in line for hours and then maybe get a chance to meet someone. So it’s a really cool time to be a fan. And the fans are the reason why we can still do this, after five years why we’re playing these festivals, why we’re getting to go around the world and play these big shows. So we owe it to everyone to shake all your hands and to have conversations with you. We absolutely love it.”

BUTCHER BABIES‘ EP of cover tunes, “Uncovered”, was released on September 30 in North America (October 6 in Europe) via Century Media Records.

The band is currently working on its sophomore album with producer Logan Mader (FIVE FINGER DEATH PUNCH, DEVILDRIVER, CAVALERA CONSPIRACY, GOJIRA) for a mid-2015 release.


Source: Blabbermouth