BUTCHER BABIES’ HEIDI SHEPHERD: I Wear More Onstage Than Most People Wear to Church & People Still Oversexualize Us!

BUTCHER BABIES vocalist Heidi Shepherd said she’s tired of people oversexualizing the band, telling Central Mo News:

“We are oversexualized – that’s never gonna change. That’s just how people are.

“I could go out wearing a f*cking potato sack. I wear more onstage than most people wear to church.

“There are other women in this industry who wear way less than us, but for some reason, we’re still the ones who are oversexualized. It’s not gonna change. I don’t care.”

When the interviewer said the band is most likely oversexualized due to their nipple tape stage, Heidi replied:

“Well, yeah, I understand that. But [we only did that for] six months in 2011.”

Asked if the music industry has become more accepting of female musicians since Butcher Babies started out, the band’s second vocalist Carla Harvey replied:

“I think they’re more accepting because they have to be, ’cause there’s so many powerful women in the industry right now.”

Heidi chimed in: “Yeah, when we started, there weren’t very many. And so they were, like, ‘Oh, come on. You can’t have two girls in a metal band. That’s just bogus.’

“And then, over the course of eight years, there have been several hundreds of bands come out with females in them – one, two, three, four, 10… it doesn’t matter. And I think that it’s definitely a lot more widely accepted.

“And within the industry too, I think that a lot of people recognize hard work and determination, and the fact that we weren’t a flash in the pan, and we still aren’t a flash in the pan, that, okay, we’re here to stay.

“I think it’s easy to dismiss something right away, but as you see the longevity behind it, it’s making its way.”