Caedeous – Domini Tenebrarum

Yeah, boys and girls. The boundaries between the metal world and classical music are getting closer and closer. I’d rather say that metal musicians are rapidly building solid bridges to link both genres. Some metal acts require a so big orchestral prodcution that they have alive shows only under some given opportunities. That is the case of Caedeous. The orchestral elaboration got so big, and complex, that due to their “unique nature, session musicians and orchestral features, live performances will be limited to special tour concerts, promotional events and festivals”, says mastermind Paulo J. Mendes. It is odd to wonder if Metal musicians may be the future of classical music. Really not that far.

“Domini Tenebrarum” is more than an audacious effort. It is such a breathtaking album that makes you wonder how could they mix such different influences. I said audacious because Caedeous is a trade mark registered since 2015. Not so common for a Metal band, and their manager is not Gene Simmons, the guy who would register the air we breath if he could – he cannot, can he? Not common is also how seriously Caedeous take their career. The press kit we received is exquisite with a detailed text about the band, the plans, the recordings, and photos. Really pro stuff. A guide on how to promote a band.

In a nutshell, the thing that impresses most – yeah, there are more impressive things about “Domini Tenebrarum” – are the vocals made RuteFevereiro whose voice skills allow her to go from a raspy witchlike voice to a soprano in a matter of seconds. In fact, Caedeous built a layer of vocals in each song allowing “Domini Tenebrarum” to be  one of the most unexpected voice experiences in Metal music I have ever seen. Inbetween songs there is another witchlike voice speaking in Portuguese that give us the creeps. I only miss more guitar solos. They are too scarce to me.

Caedeous “Domini Tenebrarum” was released on February 20th.

Track Listing:

  1. The Shape of Things That Were
  2. Fall of Mankind
  3. Corbie, the Deceiver
  4. Light of Darkor
  5. Rise of Marion
  6. Siege of Draedemor
  7. Valley of the Wicked

Watch “Rise of Marion” official video here: