Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War Zombies: The Best Tips and Tricks to Use in Outbreak

Call of Duty Cold War Zombies

Hooked on to the COD: Black ops Cold War Zombies? One thing’s for sure: you aren’t alone. There’s plenty of competition, and you have to hustle to win. And to show off your skills in front of your friends, you might want to learn some hacks. So check out black ops cold war aimbot cheats, and keep reading to find out the best tips and tricks you can use in an outbreak.

1. Get the best loadout

COD: Black Ops Cold War Zombies gives you a set of loadouts to start your game with. Having the best loadout helps you to go through the levels easily. The loadout must have the weapons that can do the maximum damage. As you level up, the quality of the weapon also increases rapidly.

Using your points to upgrade your loadout is an excellent investment. As you have a better loadout, you will win more games and hence, will upgrade quickly. Remember, focus on upgrading levels bit by bit instead of holding out for a big weapon.

2. Complete the objectives

Objectives are the best way to shorten your struggle. These are small tasks that help you get points and money to buy new products. As you are in a struggle with zombies, it is a good idea to do some side objectives to boost your progress.

Sometimes, objectives give you the weapons and armor too. So completing objectives also ensures that you are getting enough resources to fight with the enemies and win over them. It is a great way to improve your loadout resources if you are not winning consistently in the game.

3. Communicate with team members

Communicating with your team to establish a strong connection will help you kill the zombies effectively. With communication, spotting the zombies becomes easier. Good communication is like an extra set of eyes to see the zombies because your teammates will also alert you if they spot them.

If your headphones are not working, COD: Black ops Cold War Zombies has a ping system. It helps you communicate with teammates over chat and get the related information accordingly.

4. Have a look at the clock

When you are doing the objectives, it is crucial to look at the clock as well. Sometimes, the objective is easy, but the time is less. Not looking at your time means that you will be in trouble. If you cannot complete the mission in time, you will lose all the perks that you can get.

You can pace up to help you get the best out of the objective. An objective, once played, can’t be replayed, and hence, it must be completed for maximum benefit.

5. Loot to the fullest

You are on a quest to defeat everything that comes your way. So getting some weapons is a good idea. As the game progresses, you must have more resources to kill the enemies. Hence, get the loot whenever possible. Some people think they can buy their resources whenever needed, but it is difficult to do that while fighting.

Loots are the best way to get weapons and other cool items irrespective of your points and levels. So, it is crucial to loot for better gameplay.

6. Weapons carry forward

This is a game-changer for any Black Ops zombie player. In this game, the weapons, once unlocked, will remain with you forever. You can put them in your loadout in place of other weapons whenever you want.

Also, the game has a good variety of weapons as you keep progressing in it. So you can keep your less advanced weapons from previous levels while collecting new ones.


Following the above tips and tricks can help you fast-track your journey to more wins as a Black Ops Cold War gamer. And if you’re consistent with them, you’ll master the game. Remember to comment down below your favourite Black Ops Cold War: Zombies strategies you use in the outbreak.

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