CALLIDICE Unleash New Single ‘Emperor’s New Clothes’

Finnish melodic death metal band CALLIDICE is releasing new EP later this year. Now they present a new song “Emperor’s New Clothes as a single from the EP. Make sure to give it a listen below.

Singer Tero Ollilainen comments:
“The idea for the lyrics began to form when we started seeing some quite worrying actions by the leaders to the east and to the west. While writing I occasionally felt uneasy about how almost dystopian situations are starting to look. How have we come to this and where might we end up? The responsibility is shared by everyone.”

CALLIDICE is a metal band from Jyväskylä, Finland. Formed in the late 2014 by a group of five friends, enjoying various styles of metal music. This resulted in a sound of unique, yet familiar tones of melodic death metal mixed with elements of industrial metal. After the release of their debut album Anthem for Resistance (2018), the group embarked to conquer stages all over Finland. After many gigs together, their lead vocalist decided to part ways with the band in late 2019. CALLIDICE started seeking for a new singer and did not have to look far, as in the beginning of 2020, the position was filled. Inspired by their new sound, the group started working on new material which resulted in a three song EP, to be released in all its glory by late Spring 2021.

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