Canadian Police Department: Your Child Is Probably A Neo-N*zi If He Listens To Heavy Metal

According to the Calgary Police Service, heavy metal and rock music counts as a warning sign that your child is in a neo-N*zi hate group.

Following the devastating events in Charlottesville, the music industry and tech companies have joined forces to work against hate. Companies like Spotify have taken down white supremacist and neo-N*zi content from their platforms. In addition, government officials have worked to raise awareness about the dangers of hate groups.

Titled Signs of a Child Being Part of a Hate Group, the Calgary Police Service issued a list of signs that worried parents should look for in their children. You can read the list below. In this list, you’ll find common warning signs like violent behavior and stereotyping certain groups. The police force also urged parents to remain vigilant for behavior such as children wearing or displaying N*zi propaganda. Playing loud heavy rock music also counts as a warning sign.

In the leaflet, you’ll find some common child and teenage behaviors that Canadian officials list as “early warning signs.” This includes a “sudden lack of interest in school” and “adopting new groups of friends.”

The Calgary Police force also said that “secretive behavior” may show that your child could belong to a hate group. So, if your child hides the fact that they forgot to do their homework, they belong to a hate group. If a married adult (like myself) hides that they forgot to purchase the groceries, they’re most likely a neo-N*zi.

Playing “heavy rock music with violent lyrics” is listed as one of the clearest signs of belonging to a hate group. According to this, maybe it’s time to put away your favorite MetallicaAC/DC and Black Sabbath albums.

If your child is involved in a hate group, here are some of early warning signs that may be a clue:

  • Sudden lack of interest in school.
  • Adopting new groups of friends and staying out late without any explanation.
  • Violence or secretive behaviour.
  • Overt hostility to parents and family, disobedience, rudeness.
  • Racist graffiti, drawings and doodling.
  • Playing loud, heavy music with violent lyrics.
  • Stereotyping and scape-goating of certain groups; name calling, racial and religious slurs in conversation at all times.
  • Making racist or bigoted comments about minorities, immigrants or foreigners.
  • A marked repugnance to consider certain ethnic or religious groups as fully Canadian or even human.
  • Wearing or displaying N*zi propaganda and symbols such as swastikas or the Iron Cross and/or military clothing and paraphernalia.
  • Changing their appearance.