CANDLEMASS Pays Tribute To ERIC WAGNER With TROUBLE’s ‘The Tempter’ Cover


CANDLEMASS have released a cover of TROUBLE song “The Tempter” as a tribute to Eric Wagner who recently passed away.

CANDLEMASS comments on the cover: “Here’s our homage to our friend and hero Eric Wagner (TROUBLE/THE SKULL) who sadly died some time ago, way too soon! This is for you Eric, R.I.P.”

Wagner died of complications from COVID-19 on August 22, 2021, at age 62 in Las Vegas. Being opposed to institutionalized medicine, he refused to be vaccinated. He completed a solo album before his death, to be released posthumously.

Eric Wagner is best known as the frontman of the doom metal band TROUBLE, which he co-founded with guitarist Rick Wartell. He has quit and rejoined TROUBLE a few times, the last being in 2008, stating “at this moment in time I just can’t handle touring anymore.”

In 2012, he formed THE SKULL (named after the TROUBLE album), with long-term TROUBLE ex-bass player Ron Holzner and members of SACRED DAWN. They initially performed TROUBLE‘s early material before going on to write their own material.