CANNIBAL CORPSE Frontman: How Our Fans’ Parents React To Us

CANNIBAL CORPSE vocalist George “Corpsegrinder” Fisher discussed the band’s signature extremely gory content, telling Loudwire (as transcribed by

“I think most people have [realized] we’re not hurting anybody.

“We are super fan-friendly, I’ve met a lot of them and their parents who brought them to shows, who told me, ‘Yeah, your albums are crazy, the lyrics are crazy, but after meeting you and the guys in the band, we realize it’s just music.’

“There’s no agenda: no religion, no politics, just horror movies.”

Staying on the topic of the band’s gory image and topics, Mr. Grinder focused on the “Heads Shoveled Off” track of CC’s latest 14th studio album “Red Before Black,” saying:

“That’s [guitarist] Pat O’Brien. Pat’s come up with some of the crazier song titles we’ve had in a while.

“It’s brutal! What are you supposed to do? You know it’s gonna happen. You’re buried up to your head and a guy comes up with a shovel like, ‘Here’s how it’s gonna end.’

“That’s the worst! How do you prepare for it? What if it’s not a clean cut? I don’t know, I’ve never had it happen…”