CANNIBAL CORPSE’s PAUL MAZURKIEWICZ Discusses ‘Bible Of Butchery’ Book, ‘A Skeletal Domain’ Album


The Rockpit recently conducted an interview with with drummer Paul Mazurkiewicz of Florida death metal veterans CANNIBAL CORPSE. A couple of excerpts from the chat follow below.

The Rockpit: Can you tell me a bit about the [upcoming CANNIBAL CORPSE] book “Bible Of Butchery”?

Paul: Yeah, we were approached by Joel McIver, actually, the author, and he thought it was a good idea to write a book about us, and we talked to Metal Blade, our record label, and they thought it was a great idea, so we figured, let’s coincide it with the release of the [new CANNIBAL CORPSE] CD. You can get a package deal. I think there’s already something available like that, but we figured it was something different as well, instead of making a “making-of” the CD, which we’ve done so many times in the past. So it’s pretty cool. It’s really focusing on the five members, the current members, basically, and there’s a lot of pictures, there’s some cool quotes and stories from other people outside the band and all that. So I think it’s something that the fans will really enjoy.

The Rockpit: Is there some stuff in there that maybe some fans may not be aware of?

Paul: Well, that’s the thing. Really, when we looked at it, it was kind of, like, we pretty much covered a lot of ground on the “Centuries Of Torment” DVD; that’s pretty much talking about everything about the band from Day One. It’s so thorough and that’s just a complete history with everybody, so it’s almost kind of, like, there wasn’t much more to tell, in a way. There were some things, I guess, that we probaby mentioned; just when you can write it and put it down into text as opposed to seeing it on a clip or something or a DVD, it’s always gonna come across as a little bit different. So there’s things in there that people may not have been aware of. Like I said, there’s pictures, of course, us talking about the lyrics and really focusing on the five individuals. That’s why it’s not like a complete biography or autobiography in the sense where we don’t have any [ChrisBarnes or Jack [Owen] or anything like that, it’s really focusing more on the five members of CANNIBAL, which has been the lineup for the longest out of any lineups and it’s been solid for many years. George [‘Corpsegringer’ Fisher, vocalist] has been in the band a long time and Pat [O’Brien, guitars] as well, so it was really just focusing on us five.

The Rockpit: And also, of course, the new album, “A Skeletal Domain”. Can you tell us about this album and how it came together?

Paul: Well, it’s the next chapter in the CANNIBAL CORPSE story. We started writing last year, in about September, started plugging away and just doing our hardest to get the best songs we could. Then we started recording in February in Sanford, Florida with Mark Lewis at the helm, and that was a first for us. We used Erik Rutan for the last three records, and we just decided to change it up producer-wise, and yeah, it was a good experience. We ended up taking three months to record, and about the end of May to early June we completed it, so here we are about to get going with the release, and I know some songs are out there and people know what’s happening. But, really, it’s just a continuation of what we do, and I’m very proud of the record and I think the fans are really going to enjoy it. We really worked hard. I think we wrote some really killer songs and we just can’t wait for everybody to hear it, because I think it’s going to be one of our best works.

Read the entire interview at The Rockpit.


Source: Blabbermouth