Capilla Ardiente – The Siege

First things first! My oh my! What an incredible resemblance with Jeff Scott Soto’s voice! I was so astonish that I had to read the press release in order not to write anything wrong here. You know, it is so easy to make a mistake these days.

Well, this is Capilla Ardiente with “The Siege” an album of only four long  tracks that really amazes the fans of Yngwie Malmsteen and Power Metal with some doses of Doom. In fact, “The Siege” could be better explained in short as a very long Yngwie Malmsteen’s album. Of course, this is a really poor picture of Capilla Ardiente with “The Siege,” but it serves to begin with. Though it’s certainly not the best picture.

“The Siege” has only four tracks within the average of the nine to thirteen minutes. Better said, two tracks have nine minutes and the two others have fourteen. From where I’m standing, “The Siege” is a delicious album to listen to with all the atmospheres and moods herein. Well, I used to say that long tracks tended to be boring, but with all the opposite examples here I have to go back. “The Siege” opens up with “The Open Arms, the Open Wounds” with all the plot twists long tracks must have. And a lesson of singing with vocalist Felipe Plaza Kutzbach. The man sings as hell!Guitarists Julio Borquez and Igor Leiva do a pretty job too. In fact, there is no way to tell when “The Open Arms, the Open Wounds” ends and “The Crimson Fortress” ends due to the connections made with them and the monolithical – in the good sense – sonic bridge built.

Capilla Ardiente with “The Siege” prove that it’s possible to have a resourceful album with technical and outstanding music without loosing the heavyness and power Metal needs. There are many outstanding passages in “The Siege” which are worth mentioning.

Capilla Ardiente “The Siege” was reelased on September 13th via High Roller Records.

Track Listing:

  1. The Open Arms, the Open Wounds
  2. The Crimson Fortress
  3. The Spell of Concealment
  4. Fallen Alphas and the Rising

Watch “The Crimson Fortress” official lyric video here: