Carcass – Surgical Remission/Surplus Steel


Carcass’s newest EP “Surgical Remission/Surplus Steel” is an album that some bands aspire to work up to their entire careers and sometimes never make it, but somehow Carcass has pulled off making an impressive death metal EP that sounds both brutal to the core, fantastic, and totally badass all at once. All of “Surgical Remission/Surplus Steel” has guitars, vocals, and drums that are spot on throughout the whole album especially in “Livestock Marketplace” which is by far my favorite track because it takes the pacing a slightly different way that the rest of the EP has which is fast paced (not to the degree of some thrash metal, though) and hardcore, but this track takes it down a notch to begin with but then works up to the more fast paced guitars that will no doubt get a lot of people going simply because a lot of people out there love them some fast metal. And if you like your vocals that are intense and don’t hold back for their genre, then Carcass’s are just for you because these vocals aren’t the deep, guttural voices like (for lack of being able to come up with better examples) Cannibal Corpse or Amon Amarth. Instead, they still have that death metal feel to them but they are at a lower degree where people who aren’t into the deeper vocals can listen to them relatively easily I imagine. Now while “Surgical Remission/Surplus Steel” is only about 17 minutes long, the album’s tracks have probably the perfect lengths because they all sound great without feeling to long or as though they were suddenly cut off when that shit was just getting good. Indeed, Carcass has made an impressive EP here as I’ve said, and I’ve no doubt whatsoever in my mind that many others out there agree with me, and we can’t wait for their next full length album because it’s sure to be the absolute shit.

“Surgical Remission/Surplus Steel” is available on iTunes here and can be streamed via Spotify here.


Track Listing:

  1. A Wraith In The Apparatus
  2. Intensive Battery Brooding
  3. Zochrot
  4. Livestock Marketplace
  5. 1985 (Reprise)