CARCHARODON Signs Worldwide Deal With Argonauta Records

Hailing from Italy, Sludge Metal trio CARCHARODON have signed a worldwide deal with Argonauta Records! Their third and hotly anticipated album titled ‘Bukkraken’ will be released on October 26th 2018.

CARCHARODON started their journey as a power trio in 2003, inspired by a concept of the Nattero brothers (Boggio & Pixo). The band’s intent was to mix extreme metal with the blues and heavy doom tunes. After several demos, split records as well as two critically acclaimed studio albums, followed by numerous shows all over Europe and the States, CARCHARODON are getting back to their roots in terms of their sound and while they recorded their best album to date.

Says the band: “We decided to get in touch with Argonauta and Gero because this new record means a lot to us in terms of the band’s evolution of sound, and we thought it deserved to be pushed properly with all possible means. We saw Argonauta grow fast during these last years and sign a lot of good bands of friends in the heavy genre, so we thought this could be the best choice for us.

“We asked some of these bands that are now our label mates and saw that they were happy with the label, so we immediately wrote to Gero and we are proud to say that he’s been one of the few who wasn’t afraid to invest in our raw and brutal vision of music and showed the will and courage to support our musical endeavors. After meeting him in person we immediately understood we were talking with the right guy and we are sure we will do a great job together supporting our music vision, which is something hard to describe or tag as a certain genre.. as usually we fit them all and we fit none, but that’s part of being unique! We’re pretty pumped up about the release!”

The tracklist will read as follows:

1. Bile Dealer
2. Weed & Brown Sound
3. Bukkraken
4. Whalef**ker
5. Zebra Coat Cobra Head
6. U-666
7. Beak & Claw
8. Reptile Gauchos
9. Nuclear Piss

‘Bukkraken’ will be coming as CD and Digital Download, and is set for a release on October 26th 2018 with Argonauta Records.