Carnal Agony – Back from the Grave

I know I’m away behind schedule, but I guess it’s the writer’s block or anything else. The thing is that I did love the band and the album, but for any unknown reasons I really don’t know what to write. You know, when writers don’t have what to write they do things like this… Is it stalling? Or procrastinating? Yeah, maybe.

The music Carnal Agony “Back from the Grave” reminds me a lor another that I can’t really remember the name. I mean, it did come to me, but I forgot again when I started writing. The nearest album that comes to me right now is Crematory and the two albums we’ve covered here 2017’s “Live Inssurection” and 2018’s Oblivion. However, it’s not this. It sucks when this happens.

The most interesting thing about “Back from the Grave” is that it goes in a crescendo, I mean, not in heavyness or power, but in influences. I’ll explain. First and title track hits the lights with an amazing and powerful tune showing that Carnal Agony are a band that besides respecting the masters know how to break the chains and be very heavy. The first thing that comes to mind is the voice of vocalist David Johagen. Hard, low, powerful and thick. The kind of voice that embellishes any Metal song, if you ask me. It’s a pity that most bands don’t use this kind of voice anymore. Well, whatever. Ok, back to the “Back from the Grave.” While first tracks show an ols school Heavy Metal full of touches of Judas Priest, Iron Maiden and others, the following tracks grow on Hard and Pop dressings. From where I’m sitting this peculiar mix pleasures a lot if well done because it is very easy to backfire. But for our’s and Carnal Agony’s it didn’t.

“Back from the Grave” is an album full of excitement. It’ s a little happy as well, if I may. Listen to “Raise the Dead” and its jumpy mood and very melodic and catchy guitar solo. By the way, if you like power ballads check on “Luna” and its catchy and amazing chorus. You won’t miss it.

Some fun facts about Carnal Agony; the band doesn’t have an official drummer, the guitars were tuned a little down to fit the vocalist voice and they present themselves as the mssing link of Judas Priest and Desmond Child – he is the writer of some of the most commercially successfull Bon Jovi, Kiss and Aerosmith hits among others. I wouldn’t go that far, but the band sure has a commercial vein.

Carnal Agony “Back from the Grave” was released on July 10th.

Track Listing:

  1. The Rebirth (instrumental)
  2. Back from the Grave
  3. The Cellardoor
  4. The Witching Hour
  5. Werewolf of Steel
  6. Luna
  7. For the Horde
  8. Love Will Tear You Appart
  9. Higher
  10. The Nightmare Never Stops
  11. Bane of the Light
  12. Raise the Dead
  13. The Ascenscion (instrumental)

Watch “Love Will Tear You Appart” official video here: