Carnified – Carnage for the Gods Review

I know I’ve said this a lot of times here but it’s always good to say that I still get very impressed by the quality of the bands that come to us for a review. I mean not only the musical quality that is essential, but also the production quality – well, kind of essential as well. I was really impressed by the production quality of this Carnified “Carnage for the Gods” which, by the way, is an independent production. Well, I said independent but I really don’t if the album is independent or not. My guess because I don’t have this information. No, wait, I do have this information. It’s in the press release, duh! But, whatever, it impresses by the punch and the power of the instruments. It’s possible to hear perfectly all of them. The days of Metal bands recording opaque and fuzzy – in the bad meaning – sounds are definitely gone.

To review this album I had to bypass a rule of ours. We don’t review albums of less than three songs. Initially, when I saw the email I thought by the tittle that it would be an EP. Experience has shown me that EPs have more than three songs in them. In fact, “Carnage for the Gods” has only two. The thing is that I was so impressed by the quality of the album and of Carnified that I decided to review it anyway. What was my surprise to get that the band had embedded the single “Nocturna” with their material. So, now, we’ve got three songs. The rule of three songs because we don’t think it’s fair to pass a judgement over an album with only two songs. I guess it’s fair rule.

It’s never enough to say the impression album welcomer “In Darkness…” made in me. It’s dark, it’s powerful, it’s epic. The kind of song that slashes you to the walls with its wall of sound. Epic is the right term for the initial moments of the song. The initial guitar and drums sounds are amazing and really make a stand. The vocal mix made here is really amazing with an eerie dark voice intertwined with some harsh then some clean vocals. “Our Own Blood” kicks off with outstanding guitars as well and a damn great double bass drumming. Vocal mix is here as well with the same intensity. It’s amazing the sonic massacre Carnified do here. A highlight to the drumming and the blasbeasts, I mean, blasbeats. And then comes “Nocturna” which is a little dissimilar from the others. I guess my dear child of the night will notice that as the track’s sonancy  isn’t as clear as the others. The track delivers that cinematic Black Metal – I don’t know if this term exists. But “Nocturna” sounds to be part of a Terror movie. It’s interesting how the band works with diferent vocals to pass this idea to the fan.

Amazing album with amazing production. Looking forward for some more.

Carnified “Carnage for the Gods” was released on November 11th.

Track Listing:

  1. In Darkness…
  2. Our Own Blood
  3. Nocturna

Watch official lyric video: