CARONTE Shine Back With ‘Yoni’

After months of silence & unholy rituals under the moonlight, Italy’s Doom & Occult preachers CARONTE are happy to announce the release of their third full-length-album, entitled “Yoni.”
“Yoni” is the most magic filled work the band has ever written!

“Its music is more direct and its lyrics are more hermetic”, quotes the band. “It’s the closing of our first cycle of activity since we were born, precisely 7 years ago.”

There are 7 tracks on the album, just like the previous two, and, with this record, the first trilogy dedicated to Thelema and to traditional Shamanism will be complete.

“We truly hope that the energy we poured in our work wil reach all of you who have always supported us. We wrote and recorded the tracks as part of our rituals, which remain a vital part of our artistic activity.”

CARONTE “Yoni” will see the light on August 25th via Ván Records.

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