Caronte – Wolves of Thelema

I have a tradition of always saying when it’s the following effort of a band I’m reviewing. I like to say it to give the fan the impression that we always follow up, that we are always aware of the bands we have reviewed and we care. Two years ago we reviewed Caronte’s “Yoni” and today is the day we review their following fourth effort “Wolves of Thelema.” It’s always to see that the band hasn’t lost their ways; better yet, it’s always great to see that the band has improve itself. I consider “Wolves of Thelema” an improvement from their last effort in many ways. Though many will feel some more palatable features –  yeah, I haven’t found a better word to express it – sometimes near the edge of commercial, “Wolves of Thelema” sounds better than “Yoni.” The palatable sonance gave Caronte the feature they needed to sound even better. I explain. The touches of Gothic and Old School Heavy Metal plus some ethereal and space effects approached the songs to a normality that worked best for Caronte. This normality doesn’t mean normal normality, it’s still a weird normality, but still normality. Caronte got near bands as Desolation Angels, Cirith Ungol, early The Cult and the darker side of Twisted Sister – if you the band you what I mean.

Of course, there are still many features of “Yoni” in “Wolves of Thelema” because no one changes that much so fast. The occult is still here in tracks as “Stairway to the Cosmic Fire” and its martial cadence. After all their influences are still the same, but the guitars are sharper, their interventions are more aggressive and more melodic; the drums are still ritual and parader, but working as well as they get; vocals are sometimes more acid and more near “The Cult” as in “Black Hole Dawn,” but you wanto to know what? It’s what make them better. The 1980s clean guitar sonance give a special feeling to them and pass the fan a special emotion. Well, it fits pretty well to them. Sometimes I can even hear some ghosts from the might Demon.

Caronte found their way to keep their roots and go ahead. We must respect that. The music is still hypnotic, but a little catchier. The balance reached here is what really counts. As their release says “‘Wolves Of Thelema’ represents a true occult trip.”

Caronte “Wolves of Thelema” will be released on December 06th via Ván Records.

Track Listing:

  1. Wolves of Thelema
  2. 333
  3. Hypnopyre
  4. Queen of the Sabbath
  5. Amalantrah Sonata
  6. Quantum Ecclesia
  7. Black Hole Dawn
  8. Starway to the Cosmic Fire

Watch the official teaser here: