CARRION VAEL and Their ‘Abhorrent Obssessions’

Hailing from Richmond Indiana, CARRION VAEL are a brutal force heavily influenced by Technical, Melodic and traditional Death Metal. They take things to their own level by incorporating aspects of slam and old school death with razor cut precision making them stand out amongst the run of the mill Midwestern bands in the USA.

This talented 5-piece group is led by the brainchild of Travis Lawson Purcell (vocals), who along with Alex Arford (bass), Trent Limburg (guitar), Chris Smiley (drums), and Ryan Kuder (guitar) draw influences lyrically from famous serial killers and mass murders in history, while also writing and performing carefully crafted melodic Death and Thrash.

The band self released their first effort in 2017, the full length album “Resurrection of the Doomed” which was very well received and earned them fantastic reviews for their debut in this hard to please genre. Their follow up, the 2020 release of “God Killer” on HPGD Productions was also welcomed by critics, and sold well despite being released during a world wide pandemic, and the band has since seen consistent growth with fans being responsive and behind them more than ever.

Enter 2021: CARRION VAEL entered ‘Sicktones Studios’ with engineer/producer ‘Jack Daniels’ recording which is the result of their latest unreleased masterpiece ‘Abhorrent Obsessions’ and in 2022 will be released via the prestigious label Unique Leader.

Having shared the stage with THE BLACK DAHLIA MURDER, CATTLE DECAPITATION,  and many more hard hitters, CARRION VAEL are set out to unleash their new set of songs to a wider audience and prove that they are determined and ready to take on the next chapter of their career to the fullest.

Writing Credits: all songs 

Carrion Vael, Lawson-Purcell, Limburg, Arford, Smiley, Kuder

Production Credits: all songs

Performed by Carrion Vael, recorded by Jack C. Daniels @ Sicktones Studios, mastered by John Douglass

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