Carry the Torch – Delusion Review

Just the other day I was saying that is possible to measure the level of relevance of a band by the number of new bands they influenced throughout the years. One way or another, all bands commence their career by trying to be as their idols. Slayer, the best example of all, started by covering Judas Priest and Iron Maiden which, by the way, their mastermind Steve Harris always said they were hugely influenced by Jethro Tull. Some influences are more noticeable than others. Rush, for instance, stated to have been hugely influenced by Led Zeppelin, but that’s not so noticeable, at least for me. Well, at least all serious critics say that their self-tittled debut album was almost a Led Zeppelin cover. I don’t feel this way. Another very influential band is Amon Amarth, one of the pioneers and most influential Melodic Death Metal bands. This band has carved its name in the runes so far. Carry the Torch are highly influenced by them. Just check “Where Dead Saints March” and check what I’m saying.

As I said to have its music influenced by another band is such a natural thing. Regarding to music nothing comes out of the blue. There is always some kind of influence that comes from other bands or other artists. Carry the Torch do this. They got Amon Amarth’s heritage and made it into something of their own. In one hand, album opener “Children of the Purge,” for instance, doesn’t address to them by all means. On the other hand, following and tittle track “Delusion” addresses a lot. It’s following “Clear View of The End” is a typical Melodic Death Metal tune with all the features of the subgenre for the good and for the worst depending on what my dear child of the night likes. I stand with the first. Always. The band’s eponymous track “Carry the Torch” gives all the hints possible on which band they are inspired. There’s no mistake. It seems that “Delusion” bounces between Amon Amarth’s heritage and their own, and totally dissimilar style as “The Fathomless Deep” delivers to the fan.

Okay, “Delusion” is an album that won’t disappoint any Amon Amarth fan or any Melodic Death Metal fans.

Carry the Torch “Delusion” was released on June 09th via Black Lion Records.

Track Listing:

  1. Children of the Purge
  2. Delusion
  3. Clear View of the End
  4. Lazarus
  5. Carry the Torch
  6. The Fathomless Deep
  7. Where Dead Saints March
  8. Filtered
  9. El Niño
  10. As We Drown
  11. Until the Light Takes Us

Watch “Clear View of The End” official music video here: