CELEBRITY STALKER Are ‘Thrill Seekers’

Celebrity Stalker are a punk/metal crossover band from Southern California, featuring a trio of individuals from different backgrounds combining to deliver up-tempo hard-hitting songs. Influences include Suicidal Tendencies, Slayer, Pennywise, and Iron Maiden.

The song writing team of Larry Prosser and Jason Young has worked together since their days in high school, honing their song writing ability through years of collaborating. With the addition of Charlie Moffett’s steady timing and catchy beats Celebrity Stalker was born.

Celebrity Stalker deliver straightforward punk/metal crossover music, featuring in your face vocals, fast and crunchy rhythm guitar, blistering and melodic guitar solos, with catchy hard-hitting bass and drums. Celebrity Stalker are not a political band, their songs are intended to document and be a mirror reflecting some of the issues negatively influencing American society. Such as, America’s celebrity obsession that drives a whole business of gossip magazines, gossip websites and television shows intended to invade personal privacy, America’s addiction to social media and the creation of celebrities that have no discernible talent other than self-promotion, personal grief, abuse, elitism, xenophobia, corporate greed, and the decay of the American middle-class.

Jason Young – Bass, Lead Vocals
Larry Prosser – Lead Guitar, Lead/Backup Vocals
Charlie Moffett – Drums, Backup Vocals

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