Celtachor- Fiannaíocht

Guys, pay attention to a new subgenre in Metal: celtic black metal. Celtachor “Fiannaíocht” is the second effort with this label Metal Addicts review this anno Domini of 2018. Thus, the fair question “What the heck is celtic black metal?” may, of course, pop up.

The answer is not very simple, and I will answer it in terms of modern black metal aesthetics. Even considering modern black metal aesthetics, what Celtachor do is a bit far from most bands. The keymark for modern black metal is the shrieking vocals, they are present in Celtachor music, but not in all songs. There is a healthy variance of vocal styles in this “Fiannaíocht,” which in my opinion is great. Add to this lyrics based on celtic myths and folklore with some traditional celtic instruments and a violin. Bottomline, in a very simple way, a folk metal with shrieking vocals.

First time I heard “Fiannaíocht,” it caused a certain strangement as all new purposes do. “Fiannaíocht,” is not dense and dark, it is epic and strong. It passes a feeling of glory in battle, the taste of fighting the good fight. In terms of music, “Fiannaíocht” is complex not only because of the traditional instruments, but also because of the capablity of Celtachor musicians, mostly because of the vocals, I must point out.

One who follows my reviews here must have noticed that I enjoy folk metal a lot. It is no secret at all, I cannot help it hidding what I feel. The reason I liked “Fiannaíocht” is because it offers something else. In these days, bands have to offer a something else. It does not matter what. Celtachor  were able to go beyond here. “Fiannaíocht” is an album that can please black and folk metallers easyly, not to mention all that like good heavy music. Vocals changes and variation also avoid some boring tunes.

Celtachor  “Fiannaíocht” will fight the good fight on April 20th via Trollzorn Records. 

Track Listing:

  1. Sons Of Morna
  2. King Of Tara
  3. Tuiren
  4. The Search For Sadbh
  5. Caoilte
  6. Great Ships Came From Over The Waves
  7. The Battle On The Shore
  8. Tears Of Aoife
  9. Cauldron Of Plenty
  10. Dubh, Dun Agus Liath

Watch “Sons of Morna” official video here: