Celtic Legacy – Redux Review

First I was attracted by the band’s name. What? Don’t you know that one starts eating by the eyes? Albums are the same. One gets attracted first by the band’s name, by the albums cover, by the price… What? Hadn’t you ever bought an album because the price was good? I had. Many times. Never got disappointed. Then, of course, I was attracted by the music. “Redux” has that special combination of Hair Metal and Old School Heavy Metal to say the least. To be more precise, Celtic Legacy have a flair for twin guitars. Just take a close look at “Wandering Free” and its frentic dynamic.

There are albums that are easy to write about. It’s hard to explain why, but it’s some kind of chemistry. The same chemistry that attracts people. Hard to tell. Most times when this chemistry happens I start writing about the album and, for that reason, it takes time to catch all the changes of the album. This happens here with “Redux” becasue the album got more and more Old School Heavy Metal with an epic flare as it happens in “Glen Corr – The Spirit of the Vagabond” whose epic spirit overwhelms the fan. Following track “Lost Soul” has the same epic grip. John Bonham’s vocals – Ops! What? No, it’s not the famous Led Zeppelin’s drummer – gives the song some more bright. Take a look at the singalong gluey chorus of “Shine” and tell me it’s not delicious. Frome here the album turns back to the Hair Metal grip it started with “From the Plains.” However, the great moment of the album is the long and epic “Celtic Legacy” and its neat writing and mood. The martial drumming stands out here giving the song the epic mood it calls out. Guitar phrases here are also a mandatory listening. The heavier and strongest track of the album, if I may say. Even though I can’t help it to wonder how awkward this track is. I say that because Hair Metal isn’t ever epic. But here it works fine. Something as Iron Maiden meet Dokken. Sort of. Well, if memory serves me right TNT had this epic grip as well. Check “Knights of the New Thunder” my dear child of the night.

The combination Epic Metal with the Hair Metal soul of the band work magic here. Celtic Legacy proved to be able to mix flawless both influences resulting in a wondrous and mandatory album for any metaller in this sad and lonely and pathetic little planet.

Celtic Legacy “Redux” was released on October 31st via Eternal Legacy Records.

Track Listing:

  1. From the Plains
  2. Long Ride Home
  3. Wandering Free
  4. Catch the Wind
  5. Glen Corr – The Spirit of the Vagabond
  6. Lost Soul
  7. Shine
  8. Talk to Me
  9. Celtic legacy
  10. Waterfront

Watch “Shine” official lyric video here: