Cerebellion – Regeneration

1430767876_Web-Version_ReGen_Front_Cover_Final_500x500  It’s always fun and cool to me when I see a small band from some town, Long Beach, California in this case, crossing the borders between metal and rock with elements that pertain to both sides while also keeping a great sound while doing, and that’s exactly the case with Cerebellion’s upcoming album “Regeneration”.

All 6 tracks off of “Regeneration” feature heavy and rhythmic guitars which support the metal side of Cerebellion, but then the smooth, flowing vocals come in unexpectedly that add a whole new dimension to the tracks where I was expecting more intense vocals that were in your face, but Cerebellion totally flipped that on me.

June 2nd cannot come soon enough for fans of heavy metal, but not intense vocals because Cerebellion has got the exact s**t for those people with “Regeneration” and those people should get more than their fill out of the six tracks from this exceptional album.

You can stream the track “Thin Ice” via YouTube below.

Track Listing:

  1. Thin Ice
  2. All Came to Light
  3. Cold
  4. Savior
  5. Nothing Left
  6. Forsaken