Chantal – Eye of the Storm Review

Do you my dear fan want to know how the voices of the angels sound? Ready or not, here I go. I mean, if my dear fan want it or not to know how the voice of angels sound. Chantal’s “Eye of the Storm” is a good way to have a good chance to get to know. Vocalist Chantal may not be an angel but her voice does really a good job in it. No kidding.

At first I almost took the album out of my player. The initial guitar phrases were too sweet and sugared and reminded some vicious – in the bad sense – songs I was obliged to listen some time ago. But then the angelic voice of Chantal came in and everything changed. “Eye of the Storm” got more interesting and meaninful as my dear fan knows I love female vocalists. But Chantal still got one more special thing. It reminded me the time I discovered the new and early Nightwish and got very, but very fond and interested in that new – to me – kind of music the band was playing. Chantal gave me that. It’s not only the power of her voice, but also the emotion it passes. It’s not only the contrast with the heavy guitars, but also the mood they create.

To many Metal fans “Eye of the Storm” will be only one more too sugared Symphonic Metal album, however, if my dear fan forget all the biases this experience will be very interesting. The high pitching Chantal’s voice can reach is, of course, one more attractive trait of the album. But not only. The guitars are heavy and pungent though sometimes the keyboards take the lead and overwhelm them but even so they have such great overtones. Take a look at tittle track “Eye of the Storm” and be enchanted by the high melodic pitches Chantal gives. Not for everybody. Maybe Rob Halford. Just kidding. He can make it.

In its own way “Eye of the Storm” is a varied album. The moods in the songs change a lot, I mean, on second thought. It’s possible to notice by “Breathe Deep” and other tracks that the mighty Angra were a real influence to the band. The cadence and the choice of instruments remind Angra’s “Angel’s Cry” era. I guess the late Andre Matos was capable of giving such high pitches as well.

Chantal’s “Eye of the Storm” is a good choice if my dear fan is willing to have a change of heart or put the heart in it.

Chantal “Eye of the Storm” was independetly released on February 22nd.

Track Listing:

  1. Phoenix Rising
  2. Dream Spell
  3. Thunder
  4. Blind Faith
  5. Keepers of Anarchy
  6. Evil Stains
  7. Darkness Stares
  8. I Forgive You
  9. Black Rose
  10. Crystal Ball
  11. Eye of the Storm
  12. Breathe Deep
  13. We Are One

Watch “Eye of the Storm” official music here: