Chaos Over Cosmos – The Ultimate Multiverse

Sometimes it is good to get out from our comfort zone. My fans know that I’m pretty tolerant with all kinds of Metal music and I review all subgenres with no biases or prejudice. It’s rare, but it happens that I don’t review a band because I really disliked it. I’ve just done it minutes ago. Then I went on my quest and chose Chaos Over Cosmos and “The Ultimate Multiverse” because of the name of the band and the album title. Yeah, right. I chose this album because of its title, no shame to say it. As you know I seldom read the press releases because I think they kind of mislead me. The fact is that I like to be surprised and I think it’s fare to the bands not knowing anything about them. I really do, what I can do about it.

“The Ultimate Multiverse” attracted me because of the Sci-Fi approach. I just love it. From where I’m sitting, Metal bands should explore more the subject. Listening to the album the fan may find lots of musical references to the idea of multiverses without being Prog or Math. In fact, Chaos Over Cosmos is much more near the Metalcore and Deathcore than any prog approach. That’s why I told about getting out from my comfort zone. The cores aren’t exactly the apple of my eyes. To be frank, musically the band has nothing to do with the cores, akthough vocals take a very different direction. The fan will only notice the core approach when he listens to the vocals. The delicate and intricate textures the band combined tell a different story, though, making it easy for a not fan like me to appreciate it. Last track, and instrumental, “Asimov” as homage to the incomparable Sci-Fi writer almost made me change my mind about the Prog approach. However, the track sounds much more as a Steve Vai track than anything else. Guitarist Rafal Bowman is very inspired and does a great job here.

Bottomline, a band to take you out from your comfort zone.

Chaos Over Cosmos “The Ultimate Multiverse” will be released on June 20th via Narcoleptica Productions.

Track Listing:

  1. Cascading Darkness
  2. One Hundred
  3. Worlds Apart
  4. Consumed
  5. We Will Not Fall
  6. Asimov

Watch “Cascading Darkness” official video here: