Chapel of Disease – “…And As We Have Seen The Storm, We Have Embraced The Eye”

Some bands are really hard to label. Mostly we pay attention to the instrumentals and vocals to pass a judgement. Others prefer tot ake a look on lyrics. It’s a way I tend to avoid because I think music comes first, and that’s instrumentals and vocals. One way or another, Chapel of Disease are a very hard band to label because vocals and instrumentals don’t fit into a the regular analysis. What I mean is that by regular standards, even to modern Metal music, Chapel of Disease’s music is miles away from the regular understanding. “…And As We Have Seen The Storm, We Have Embraced The Eye” is an album which rises up the discussion.

Musicwise, “And As We Have Seen the Storm” has elements that remind a lot early Judas Priest, most notably “Sad Wings of Destiny” era. But that doesn’t satisfy all. Guitar solos at the end of  “Void Of Words” are very similar to what Dire Straits’ Mark Knopfler used to do. There are lots of scents of 1970s and 1980s in “And As We Have Seen the Storm” not to consider as major influences. Mostly are the guitars which bring out all those sonances into songs are very well built and neat. Bass lines have a more Metal grip for that they are direct and with that metallic sonance so commom in may Metal acts. “Oblivious – Obnoxious – Defiant” proves me right where tha bass carries out all the heavy sonance of the song. General in “And As We Have Seen the Storm” sonance is more to Prog Metal or early 1980s Metal.

That put we’ll analyse vocals in separate. That’s where things get hotter. Vocals have nothing to do with any Prog or 1980s Metal. They are harsher and grittier than Motörhead’s Lemmy Killmister or Accept’s Udo, so we can’t say they are regular. They sound much more near Venom’s Chronos to say the least. So, add to instrumentals we’ve just analysed this vocals and wonder the outcome. Well, this is “And As We Have Seen the Storm,” a great deal of contrast and bright guitar vocals interventions. It’s something if Venom’s Chronos were the vocals of Rush – yeah, I forgot to cite Rush before. I guess “Song Of The Gods” represents this merge best. The effect of this merge is completely astonishing if I must say. An album to be nominated one of the best of year.

Chapel of Disease “And As We Have Seen the Storm” will be released on November 23rd via Ván Records.

Track Listing:

  1. Void Of Words
  2. Oblivious – Obnoxious – Defiant
  3. Song Of The Gods
  4. Null
  5. 1,000 Different Paths
  6. The Sound of Shallow Grey

Watch “Song of the Gods” official video here: