Chaplin’s Dream – Genesis

It’ s funny how bands’ names can be so deceiving. I’d never thought that a band called Chaplin’s Dream would be so heavy, so dense, so dark. The opening track, “War”, is a blast with a great smack into your face. It’s fast with a haunting vocal. As haunting as it can be. And then we move to the next song, “Crown The King”. Figure an angry, but very angry Gentle Giant with a sabbatish Robert Frip and voilà, you have the song. Very sabbathish guitars tones, which give a fresh new sound to Chaplin’s Dream. Who would ever think of that?

Genesis could better said as a doomy progressive metal effort. Chaplin’s Dream guys can balance well the doomy parts with the needed heavyness and the progressive tunes. But I can’t forget the sabbathish guitars! The highlight to Genesis. Sometimes things get more progressive, as in “Host”, a calm and smooth song that highlights the vocals and the accoustic guitar. There’s something of REM in it, I confess. But the guitar is surely sabbathish. It’s really hard to differ from odd and different. For Chaplin’s Dream sake they’re just different.

Imagine the melting pot of a distorced bass, as they are in a black metal song, with a 1960s vocals, and a very melodic, strong and powerfull guitar. That’s “The Friday Song”. Surreal, boys and girls. As odd as it may seem, “The Friday Song” reminds me Metallica’s “Wherever I may roam”. Definitely weird, and tastefull because of that. And for those who would think that lacks heavyness to Chaplin’s Dream, listen to “Machiavellian”. And the final tunes can be surprising too.

Definitely a very astonishing effort!

Track Listing:

  1. War
  2. Crown The King
  3. A Taste Of God
  4. Host
  5. Today I’m Reborn
  6. The Friday Song
  7. Silence
  8. Epic
  9. Us vs Them
  10. Machiavellian

You can watch a live version of “Epic” here: