Check Photos Of SLAYER And TESTAMENT Cuddling With Puppies From Washington Animal Rescue Shelter


On Saturday, March 19, members of SLAYER and TESTAMENT spent time “hanging out and cuddling” puppies from the Motley Zoo animal rescue shelter in Redmond, Washington before the two bands’ joint concert in Seattle.

Motley Zoo Facebook said on their Facebook page: “This was the second time we met [SLAYER‘s] Kerry King and Paul Bostaph, but this time we got to meet Tom Araya and Gary Holt as well. They are all huge fans of rescue and our mission, so they were happy to enjoy the puppy time. The guys from TESTAMENT were awesome too and we heard all about everyone’s animals they couldn’t wait to get home and see! This tour is almost over so they won’t have to wait long!”

You can check out several photos of SLAYER and TESTAMENT hanging out with Motley Zoo puppies below.