Children of the Sün – Roots Review

Finally bands are giving modern fans the real view of the rich and creative music of the 1960s. Children of the Sün go deep into the dark and gloom musical atmosphere that surrended many bands throughout the happy and fake hippie era. No, my dear fan Black Sabbath weren’t an exception. Many bands dived into the unknow, the dark, the obscure during the sixties. However, as the toxic positivity, that still reigns in our media, ordered many were obscured because they had the ‘wrong’ message. “Roots” displays the kind of sixties music that I do appreciate and cherish. All the times when I mention it I mean this kind of music.

Soon at the first seconds of listening my dear fan that knows this kind of music will remind Jefferson Airplane. Fair enough as vocalist Josefina Berglund Ekholm does have a tone of voice that reminds Signe Toly Anderson’s. However are Children of the Sün darker and more psychedelic than Jefferson Airplane – if that is even possible. Tittle track “Roots” is the kind of Psychedelic Blues era that many chose to forget because it was too evil and mean for the time. My fan that knows Janis Joplin may trace a paralel here. I guess Children of the Sün are more Janis Joplin than Jefferson Airplane in the intent. Their music is intended to be obscure and sad, as sad as Janis’s wanted hers to be. Not psychedelic as Jefferson Airplane’s. I won’t dare to say that Josefina Berglund Ekholm sings as much as the incredible Janis but she does a great figure here. I just miss the acid guitars of “Summertime” era. But the best vocals are to come with “In Silva” where she destroys everything with her velvet and dark voice. As I said impecable.

In tracks as “Man in the Moon” that my dear fan will notice that bands are doing a great job emulating the epoch’s music. Now Led Zeppelin’s first releases aree the honored here. “Man in the Moon” could easily be in any of the four initial Led Zeppelin’s albums. The folk mood the guitars give are the key. It’s an impecable musical research Children of the Sün did here I have to say. Even the tones are the same which is a very difficult thing to get because most of the equipment of the time isn’t available right now. From here on the album gets even more the acoustic Led Zeppelin many fans know. Listen to the tone of the guitar solo and tell me you don’t get Jimmy Page here. It’s a trip, a real trip. Excelent trip…

Children of the Sün “Roots” will be released on March 18th via The Sign Records.

Track Listing:

  1. Reflection
  2. Sun Leaves
  3. Blood Boils Hot
  4. Gaslighting
  5. Eden
  6. Willow Tree
  7. Roots
  8. Man in the Moon
  9. The Soul
  10. In Silva
  11. Thunder
  12. Reaching for the Sun
  13. Epilogue

Watch “In Silva” official audio here: