Choir – Songs for a Tarnished World Review

Ok, first things first. Always. My dear child of the night knows that I am very clear and honest about what I write here. I do mean all the words I write here. I do mean when I overreact and say wondrous things about a band and an album. But I never slam. Never. It’s not fair especially for new and small bands. Of course, it’s not everything I listen here I like. so, that’s why I have to say that I’m not a fan of Funeral Doom Metal, as a matter of fact. Too slow, too gloomy, too extreme for me. Now we’ve got Choir with “Songs for a Tarnished World” an album that represents pretty well the world of Funeral Doom Metal. At least was what I thought in the first place. And I was flat wrong as the album went going. Ok, it’s still a good sample of it, but it showcases other features that make things lighter. Lighter is a darn good term here. One of the them, and the most important, is that the vary a lot the speed during the songs. A real good thing as we come to think of it. Then, there are the song that vary length as well. “Songs for a Tarnished World” doesn’t have only songs with more than ten minutes exclusively. As a rule, all tracks have some kind of speed variation from the slower than justice to faster than our bills when they are due. Two tracks that showcase Choir pretty well are album lighter “Drawn to an Early Grave” and “Triumphant Chants of the Barren” so far. There are moments in the later track and in all the album where I see some ingenuity especially when it comes to the drumming. Drummer sounds to emulate some kind of Free Jazz beat, or, at least, that was what I thought it would be. All those things made the album pretty intersting to me. To what I’m more used to listen and appreciate.

Album tittle “Songs for a Tarnished World” reveals pretty much what the music in it really is. This sad and lonley and pathetic little planet is pretty well represented by this seven tracked album. Choir built carefully track after track to gie the fan this impression. And they did it well. It’s hard not to connect both things while listening to the album. Again, I got much more than I expected. This year has been very promising so far.

Choir “Songs for a Tarnished World” will be released on March 17th Total Dissonance Worship.

Track Listing:

  1. Drawn to an Early Grave
  2. The Shore Roars an Elegy
  3. Triumphant Chants of the Barren
  4. Wail! For the Evocation of Mire
  5. Mouths Trapped in Concrete
  6. A Dirge for the Rotten Throats
  7. Caravan and Swarm

Watch “Drawn to an Early Grave” official lyric video here: