CHRIS BRODERICK Would Definitely Have Stayed In MEGADETH If He Had Been Given More Creative Freedom


In a new interview with, former MEGADETH guitarist Chris Broderick stated about the circumstances that led to his decision to quit MEGADETH in late 2014: “I wouldn’t say it’s necessarily artistic and musical differences as much as it is the ability to express my musical and artistic choices. Everybody knows that MEGADETH is really Dave [Mustaine] and that’s fine.”

Asked if he have known when he joined MEGADETH that Dave Mustaine was captain of the ship, he responded: “I knew that going in. But there comes a time where you’re like, “I’ve done this and it’s great but I’m a musician and artist at heart and I need to express myself that way. So I need to have that outlet for myself and not just do it in support of another person.”

Regarding how MEGADETH was run, Broderick said: “It wasn’t a democratic or an equal band in terms of the decision-making process. And again, I was totally fine with that at the time. It was awesome for my career and it was great playing for all those fans but at some point, when do you decide you’re gonna be a musician and really create your own music or are you just going to record what somebody else wants?”

Asked if he would stayed in MEGADETH if he had been given more input and creative freedom, Chris said: “Oh, yeah. Definitely.”

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