CHRIS JERICHO Says He Could Have Pulled Off Replacing BRIAN JOHNSON In AC/DC: ‘That’s Kind Of My Wheelhouse’

Chris Jericho Sings Skid Row

During a recent appearance on “AC/DC Beyond The Thunder,” Chris Jericho salute his favorite band and put the beatdown on such topics as Angus Young and Brian Johnson recently guesting on his “Talk Is Jericho” podcast, adding AC/DC songs to the setlist in his own band FOZZY, sporting a massive “For Those About To Rock” cannon tattoo, Axl Rose joining the band, and explaining just how rock and wrestling makes for the perfect tag team.

When discussing how the sport that made him famous has become so synonymous with AC/DC‘s music, Jericho said: “The reason why you hear so much AC/DC is because that’s Vince McMahon‘s favorite band of all-time,” talking about the chairman and CEO of WWE, who’s used everything from “Highway To Hell” to “War Machine” and “Are You Ready” as theme songs. “There’s a real synchronicity between what AC/DC does and wrestling. It’s very hard-hitting. Electric. It’s a very aggressive feeling that you get.”

When asked if he could have pulled off replacing Brian Johnson during the singer’s unexpected departure from the Rock Or Bust tour, Jericho responded, “I could do it. That’s kind of my wheelhouse,” all the while reminding listeners just how difficult it is to hit those incredibly high notes.

Jericho also went on to give props to Axl Rose comparing the notorious singer joining AC/DC to THE ROLLING STONES enlisting Paul McCartney for a special tour. “I think that if you ask the other guys in GUNS N’ ROSES, I think Axl really got a sense of, like, ‘Holy smokes, this is how it can be. You can be in a great rock ‘n’ roll band and [I don’t have to] worry about the egos or the bulls**t that surrounds it.’ I think he really came alive as the singer of AC/DC.”

AC/DC released the comeback album, Power Up, this last November.