Chronologist – Cartographer

 Whenever I go to sit down at the computer to work on some s**t or I’m researching something, I always need some background music to keep me going because I’ve found that music keeps the wheels in me brains working, and I know the same goes for many of you out there as well. And here’s a little bit of science for all of you: listening to instrumental music can help you focus better and gain more of that sweet knowledge. So, I find that it’s nice to seek out an instrumental group every now and then, and on my most recent excursion to find one such band I come back to you with something pretty interesting: Chronologist. With their new album of “Cartographer”, they created something different instrumentally that you just don’t see often. These gentlemen out of Texas have taken the sound and feel of what could be called progressive metal, metalcore, or even djent if you wanna get crazy and they’ve simply just removed the vocals. I’m pretty content with those latter two but I’m not a huge fan of them per say, but “Cartographer” is a real head turner, to say the least. With nine tracks under its belt, this record really does the listener a service by taking you through all the typical twists and turns that your local cookie cutter metalcore group might serve up, throw out the vocals (naturally), and make it actually feel fun for those of us who don’t typically listen to this kind of style. Chronologist takes plenty of twists and turns, hooks and riffs, breakdowns and such that you’re never given the exact same thing twice, and if that’s not refreshing to see out of all these bands that are coming out what feels like every fifteen f**king seconds then I don’t know what is. And when all is said and done, “Cartographer” stands proudly and makes Chronologist a one of a kind band amidst the likes of so many copy paste groups that pop up all the f**king time, and goddamn is this a very welcome breath of fresh air amongst all the bulls**t! I highly suggest this piece for anyone who’s always had good intentions to check out anything akin to djent or metalcore because maybe it’s the lack of vocals that you don’t know you need, and goddamn does Chronologist get the job done!

You can purchase “Cartographer” via iTunes here, and stream the album on Bandcamp here.

Track Listing:

  1. A.W.H.I.T.
  2. Cake Batter
  3. Bazooka
  4. Key Chains
  5. San Juan
  6. Sky Garden
  7. Pioneer
  8. Guacaracha
  9. Cartographer