CHUCK SCHULDINER’s B.C. Rich Stealth At Auction On eBay

The guitar of legendary DEATH frontman Chuck Schuldiner is currently up on auction via eBay. The instrument n question is his B.C. Rich Stealth which is currently in possession of Chris SchuldinerChuck‘s nephew.

Says Chris: “Up for grabs is one of Chuck Schuldiner’s personal stealths. This was mostly utilized as a backup when his primary black stealth was out of commission, hence why there are few pictures of him playing it. At some point in his life Chuck decided to strip the paint. I considered restoring it but decided to leave it just way Chuck left it. He was the last one to string this guitar and it hasn’t been touched since. It also comes with the hard case that Chuck toured with. Chuck Schuldiner was my Uncle and that is how I have possession of this, I provide personalized COA upon request. Good luck and happy bidding.”

As of this writing, the current bid is $8,000. You can check out the auction at this location.