Cirith Ungol is back!


Rejoice orphans of the King Of Hell!

Cirith Ungol is back from their long time far from the stage. To be precise, it’s been 25 years from their last show and split up.

The show took place in their hometown, Ventura CA, at the second annual “Frost And Fire II” festival, at the The Majestic Ventura Theater and Bombay Bar And Grill.

The lineup was Tim Baker, vocals; Rob Garven (drums), Greg Lindstrom (guitar), Paradise Lost-era guitarist Jim Barraza and new bassist Leatherby. As you can see, almost the classic lineup, except for Jerry Fogle (guitar), who passed away in 1998, and Michael Flint (bass guitar).

The band also announced a tour in Europe at the “Keep It True XX Official”. “Paradise Lost”, their last album, also received a distinguished new edition by Mteal Blade Records.

Has anybody mentioned a new album?